calum profile

Calum M. Howles

Co-Founder & Director  

Calum M. Howles has repeatedly achieved the highest standards within the service sector, the care and attention given when meeting client requests are a defining feature to his Professional background.

Calum’s love of service stemmed from the time within Professional Sport, having travelled the globe extensively this enabled him to possess a greater understanding of the finer points within the luxury service industry and therefore developing a wealth of knowledge and contacts for Lifestyle Management.

The next step after Professional Sport was naturally within the service world, Calum gained excellent time management and operational skills from Event coordinating, Marketing, VIP Hosting and Charity Function Organising, therefore giving him the necessary tools to excel within Lifestyle Management.

“My desire to offer Lifestyle Management began from years of assisting friends and colleagues, one particular occasion that sticks out in my mind was organising a special Golf day for a celebrity friend, it was a unique Golf experience with an Ex-Professional in Newport, Orange County CA (USA). What made this request uniquely challenging was the time restraints of the individual, due to an extremely tight schedule this gave him rare opportunity to relax in-between a busy world tour, by utilising my extensive list of contacts within the sports world, I obtained the services of a former Golf Professional and Coach to one of the greatest golfers of all time, offering expert tuition and playing a full 18 holes assured the day to be very special and a much-needed rest”.

Following this particular occasion, Calum M. Howles and Dino G. Discenza combined their vast experience, knowledge and contacts to create C.M.HOWLES Bespoke Lifestyle Management, the integrity and drive shared between them lay strong foundations for the future of their company.

“It is with great pride that Dino and I Co–found C.M.HOWLES, our fusion of strengths uniquely offer a wealth of advantages to all our members, we are here to serve and assist your lifestyle when you require”.

Dino profile

Dino G. Discenza

Co-Founder & Director

Dino G Discenza epitomises what service stands for, with over thirty year’s experience delivering high quality logistic solutions to some of the biggest companies in the world, Dino`s experience as an Operational/Commercial Director are invaluable within the Bespoke Lifestyle Management Industry.

Dino G Discenza Co-found C.M.HOWLES because his passion for high quality service. The devotion to this can be represented in one simple phrase “We are here to SERVE the client”.

Priding himself on hard work, attention to detail and going that extra mile for clients, are all within his service DNA. “The success I have enjoyed over my Professional Career, is a result of excellent TIME Management and forward planning, both have been instrumental when achieving the very best for all clients and are a strong factor in my desire to offer Bespoke Lifestyle Management. “As a Director of International logistics to the Fashion and Industrial world of business, I was able to achieve the highest standards of service for all my clients.

By working closely alongside the most prestigious fashion brands in the world, enabled me to better understand the individual creation of each garment from design stage to textile manufacture, packaging and of course safe and efficient handling/delivery from supplier to final customer. The speed of reaction that is required within both worlds of fashion and Industrial manufacturing, are critical to the time sensitive nature of each and every component, be it a Fashion garment or an industrial item. My expertise and skills allowed me to constantly deliver a very high degree of service to all clients, which in the world of Bespoke Lifestyle Management is extremely important, the motto I have always worked by is a clear indication of my working values, we are here to SERVE“.

Following Dino`s interest in Football, he went on to assist Mr Roberto Bettega (Ex Chief Executive of Juventus FC) to encourage English and Italian youth players to learn from each other`s culture, technical and physical skills. The results of which we see day to day in modern English Football. Additionally Dino organised with no reward, pre-season friendly matches between English and Italian clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur FC (U21), Nottingham Forest FC, Coventry City FC, Calcio Como (Milano), AC Renate (Milano) and Seregno (Milano).

“It is with great pride and enthusiasm that my Co-founder and I have created C.M.HOWLES, by bringing our combined skills together C.M.HOWLES Bespoke Lifestyle Management truly opens the door to a wealth of benefits, WELCOME TO THE LUXURIOUS WORLD OF C.M. HOWLES – WE ARE HERE TO SERVE”.