The Truffle is a delicacy immersed in the shadows of mystery, Every year Truffle hunters and their hounds search for the culinary equivalent to Gold, their search ( particularly between late September-December) is for the highly prized and seasonal Tuber Magnatum Pico, better known as the white truffle of Italy, the most expensive in the world.

A modern day treasure hunt with traditions and secrets passed down from generation to generation, each misty morning offers new challenges when finding this delicacy, a mixture of experience, patience and luck are a necessity that are refined over many years of exploring various territories.

Through the special understanding shared between man and Dog, together they seamlessly forage into the mystical surroundings of the woods to discover one of nature’s edible treasures, the White Truffle of Italy (Tuber Magnatum Pico).

The wonderful world of truffles

 Welcome to the wonderful world of White and Black Italian Truffles (Tartufo Bianco), C.M.HOWLES are proud to offer the supply of Truffles through an exclusive network of contacts spanning several Truffle regions of Italy.

In Addition to our supply of Truffles, we can also recommend your very own Truffle Hunting experience, enabling you to better understand the skills needed when searching for this edible treasure, while enjoying the finer points of Italian culinary tradition.

What can you do?

C.M.HOWLES can supply the finest available Truffles from Italy direct to your location of choice.

How much can you supply?

Through our suppliers across Italy, we are able to offer quantities of anything from 250g – 10kg per day upon request. All quantities are Subject to the season’s harvest.

What is your delivery time?

Time is of great importance to our operation and the reason we deliver using Express 24 hour Airfreight, from the moment your order is processed we constantly keep track of your truffles aiming for between 2/3 days delivery.jnhj

What is a Truffle and where are they found?

A truffle is an edible Underground Fungus that lives symbiotically within the roots of certain Trees.

 Where are Truffles found?

Truffles can be found attached to the roots of Oak Trees, Linden Trees, Hazel Trees, Hornbeam Trees and Poplar Trees to name a few.

How do I order my Truffles?

Order your truffles with us via our contact details on the website.

 Why Choose C.M.HOWLES for Italian Truffles?

Our passion for truffles transcend across every element of our service, we have sourced every Truffle supplier we use by travelling to their region, we have journeyed several thousand kilometres over the remotest parts of Italy, to establish suppliers that are considered amongst the very best for Italian Truffles.

The result of our endeavours not only give us a greater appreciation of the Truffle and how it is handled, but also assures our clients of the personal attention we give to each element of our service when sourcing the finest Italian Black or White Truffles.

From the moment your Truffle is picked to the arrival at its destination, C.M.HOWLES give 100% care and attention in every stage of supply.